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Fill Your Freezer

Fill your freezer with Custom Beef

Fill your freezer with either a quarter, half or whole beef.  We process throughout the year, so there's no need to let your freezer stand empty!

The price is $3/# hanging weight, which is determined at the processors once the beef goes in. We ask for a deposit of $300 to reserve your quarter, half.  You get to decide how your beef is cut or we can provide a standard cut order if you'd rather. Processing is paid for at time of pick up at Dover Processing in Dover, MN.  They are a USDA inspected facility and all cuts are packaged in vacuum sealed plastic and frozen ready for pickup.  Inquiries on freezer beef dates and more information can be directed to us via email or phone.    

A quarter would include a quarter of all cuts, providing you with a variety of steaks, roasts, ground and more.  It's all cut to your specifications...steak thickness, roast size, whether you'd like the soup bones, liver, etc.  A small 5 cu.ft. chest freezer would fit a quarter beef which is approximately 100-130 pounds of meat.   

Next opportunity is January 2020.  Call or message us prior to December 1 to reserve.