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Our Farm 1


Our farm, established in 1885, is in it's seventh generation of raising corn, Angus cattle and hay.  Our cattle are born and bred on our farm. Calves are pasture raised and corn finished for that delicious marbling.  Our focus is to provide our family and yours with quality, locally raised beef.  We take pride in our herd.  Their health and well being is our top priority. 

We also grow corn, and alfalfa for hay that the cattle feed on.  Layer hens provide us with fresh eggs and on occasion, we'll raise a batch of pigs because farm raised bacon goes great with those fresh eggs!  

Right now, calving season has begun!  Spring is an exciting time of year on the farm as we're all looking forward to the weather straightening out, calves are born (fingers-crossed in good weather), and we're getting geared up for planting.  With this COVID-19 thing going on, we also have all of our younger farm hands around helping out a little more than usual!