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You Really Wanna Picanha

The days of grilling extend into winter around here.  When the temps aren’t too darn cold, I’ll fire up the smoker for a taste of summer even though I’m literally cooking in the dark.  
Tonight’s second meaty dish was a cut I’ve been eyeing up for some time...the picanha.  It’s the top sirloin cap or coulotte.  Fancy words for a cut of meat but delicious through and through.  
Heres’s a link to the recipe I followed and would highly recommend it.

It’s fun to branch out and give something new a try, but do be patient.  Give the meat time to thaw.  Secondly, it’s recommended to bring it to room temp an hour before cooking.  If you have a instant read temperature probe or thermometer, you can be sure not to over cook your cut.  Nothing more disappointing than a dried out hunk of beef.  

Be brave and give it a try!  We’d love to hear how it goes. Available at our online store.


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