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Better Burger...Indoors

Winter has officially moved in here in southeastern Minnesota.  Christmas was white and yet, the forecast keeps calling for more snow.  When the temps drop, the electric pellet smoker has a hard time keeping up.  And sometimes it’s just nice to keep the meal simple and work inside.  

While hand-pattied burgers are always awesome, our 1/3 pound pre-pattied burgers are super handy and cook up tender and delicious.  

Electric Skillet Burgers
Preheat electric skillet to 400°.  Butter it up, and seasoning the skillet with your favorite seasoning mix.  Throw the patties on.  Flip once.  (Or twice, but careful not to over cook them.)
While the patties finish up, the buns join the skillet party to crisp up the surface.  Collect your favorite burger toppings, and talk about delicious!

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